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Official web site of Ortho-Bionomy® in Italy

The italian association for aknowledgment of the method founded by Doctor Arthur Lincoln Pauls.



An italian association founded to promote diffusion and protection of Ortho-Bionomy® method and gather everybody respect Ortho-Bionomy® principles.


Leonardo Di Luzio, rieducazione posturale Leonardo Di Luzio web site

Leonardo Di Luzio, operator in Ortho-Bionomy®, specialized in dynamic post-techniques.

Zu Center: Zu Reflexology Higher School

The Zu Method has been affirmed due to the close and analytic research of the identification of the reflex points on the foot.


Osteopatia Etnica

Personal web site of Jean Louis Jacquet, osteopath specialized in manual technics tipical of different countries in the world.


Marco Chiesa - Tulasi

The portal of a friend, Marco Chiesa, to reach a lot of different informations.


Sindacato Italiano Naturopati

It's a free association born to help aknowledgment of alternative medicine.


International Meditation Center Italia

Italian official site for divulgation of Buddadhamma and Vipassana meditation.


Mind & Life Institute

Mind & Life Institute is dedicated to the collaboration between modern scienze and Buddhism based on spiritual work and researches.



Meditation, spiritual introspection, Center for studies about buddhism.



No other words to explain it!



Religions, indhuism and its ancient roots.



The first italian site for aknowledgment of Breuss Massage techniques.


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