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What is Ortho-BionomyŽ...
Ortho-BionomyŽ is a method which emerged from the mind of the Canadian osteopath Arthur L. Pauls in 1978.

Ortho-Bionomy's main aim is to help clients to relax the tensions that cause muscular pains and joint stiffness. Practically the relaxation maneuvers are based on antalgic positions and light compressions applied by the practitoner in order to stimulate the self-regulating and self-corrective ability in the client's body.

Thus Ortho-BionomyŽ is not a manipulative method but an act of information and stimulation that allows the physiological mechanisms of the body to regain their natural functions, altered by different causes, like accidents, incorrect postures, unnatural habits.

The body can recover its efficiency depending on the seriousness of the accident that caused the pain or the function's alteration. For example, a serious joint fracture could greatly reduce its functional movements; in such cases the recovery ability could be lost permanently, while in a less serious case it could be totally restored.

Ortho-BionomyŽ has its roots in Taoist's philosophy and in martial arts. One of the foundations of Taoist thought is the development of naturality allowing events to flow without an outside intervention (a manipulation).

In Chinese it is called WEI WU WEI or "Action without action".
The final aim of a warrior is to fight without fighting, and for an Orthobionomist the aim is to refine to such an extent his activity on a client so that it will happen without a visible action.
Flowing water always follows the path of minor resistance: it doesn't collide thus it can flow. Such a possibility is refined by the practitioner through his own personal evolution, together with a progression of classes or phases that prepare the students to measure themselves against these concepts:

-Phase 4: development of contact and touch's ability on a physical level
-Phase 5: develops a deeper awareness of the energetical movements' patterns, intrinsic to the body
-Phase 6: the refinement of the sensibility towards the auric level of the people, in order to enter in contact with the effects emotion and thought have on the physical and energetical bodies
-Phase 7: brings us closer to the dimension of symbols as archetypes that form the universal laws that constitute the reality in which we live

In its purest form Ortho-BionomyŽ is also an attempt to unify western pragmatism of action with the extreme introspection developed by the oriental cultures; the beneficial effects are experienced by the practitioner and the client, both united by the universal principle "by reflex, your wellbeing becomes my wellbeing".

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Arthur Lincoln Pauls...

Dr. Arthur L. Pauls (1929-1997) was the inventor and founder of Ortho-BionomyŽ.

He was born in Canada and in the 60's he moved to London where he comes in contact with osteopathy and becomes an osteopath.

During his studies he met with Dr. Lawrence Jones, inventor of a method capable of loosening muscular tensions and joint pains through antalgic positions. This experience inspired Arthur to develop a method called "Phased Reflex Technique" which later became Ortho-BionomyŽ.

He passed the last ten years of his life in France allowing many students to benefit from the results of his researches and intuitions.

Arthur Pauls and Alex Lattanzi
Arthur Pauls, Alex Lattanzi and Gianfranco
Arthur Pauls and childs
The founder of Ortho-Bionomy


 The Sand Dollar...
The Sand Dollar is a spiny, hard-skinned animal that is shaped like a coin (a flattened disk). There are many different species of sand dollars and they live on the sandy sea floor.

Most sand dollars are found at depths of 30 to 40 feet (9-12 m). Sand dollars partly bury themselves under the sand, with an edge poking up out of the sand.

If you break open a test, there are many hard, loose, white pieces; these were the teeth of the Sand Dollar. You can often find the dead "shell" of a sand dollar (called a "test") washed up on sandy beaches.

This is what happened to Arthur as he was walking along the beach in Hawaii in 1978. As he saw the sand dollar he decided that it was going to be the symbol of Ortho-BionomyŽ.

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